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Special Inspector - West Valley City, UT

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Company Name:CMT Laboratories
Location:West Valley City, UT
Employment Type:Full Time
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Since 1978 we have provided full-service construction engineering management, consulting engineering, highway and structural inspections, testing, and analytical laboratory services to a full array of clients including educational, defense, commercial, and government industries. We are committed to provide technically accurate, timely, and personalized services to create superior results for all services.




  •  Must know the test procedures for the element being inspected
  •  Must be familiar with the applicable specifications and codes
  •  Must know the project requirements for acceptance and rejections
  •  Have the ability to convey information to the Project Manager, Contractor, Structural Engineer,and Testing Technician in a timely manner.
  •  Be able to keep records for project(s) that they are assigned to
  •  Be able to read plans for the element(s) being inspected
  •  Interpret project specifications to determine if they comply with applicable codes and engineer's requirements
  •  Be able to write legible and in such a manner that anyone reading and inspection report or testresults will know what was inspected/tested without confusion
  •  Must keep certifications current
  •  Must keep client complaints to less than 1%
  •  Must know how to perform soil density and concrete testing
  •  Must maintain a professional attitude and appearance
  •  Turn in time card daily
  •  Turn in data sheets daily
  •  Maintain truck and equipment in accordance with CMT policy




Education: High School diploma or equivalent, must be able to understand and perform written instructions,

procedures and calculations


Job Requirements/Experience:

1. Recommendation from three Project Managers

2. High level of leadership and technical skills

3. Vast knowledge of all materials, testing and testing procedures/methods

4. Ability to perform strenuous physical tasks including, but not limited to: lifting, twisting,

climbing, and crouching.


Certifications: ICC certified in one or more of the following areas:


1. Climb ladder, scaffolding, and platforms (up to 100').

2. Sample grout, mortar, and prisms (can weigh up to 100lbs).

3. Pick up grout, mortar, and prisms samples (can weigh up to 100lbs).


1. Climb ladder, scaffolding, and platforms (up to 100').

2. Observe reinforcing steel, concrete placement, and concrete testing.

 Structural Steel

1. Climb ladder, scaffolding, and platforms (up to 100').

2. Observe welds and perform UT's (if applicable) (UT machine weighs 5lbs).


1. Climb ladder, scaffolding, and platforms (up to 100').

2. Sample Fireproofing for densities.

3. Perform thickness testing.


CMT is an Equal Opportunity Employer. An Equal Opportunity Employer of individuals with disabilities, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their protected veteran status.

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